Dive Trips in West Palm Beach, Florida

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The Narcosis caters to diverse interests. We realize that not all divers are built alike! A typical Narcosis trip has a mixture of divers of all experience levels and interests. Underwater photographers, dive students, lobster hunters, turtle lovers, shark seekers and nudibranch fans always want to go in different directions at different speeds.

We have daily 2-tank SCUBA charter trips in West Palm Beach on the dive boat Narcosis
Daily dive trips on the spacious Narcosis

How do we accommodate this diverse mix on a single trip? Divers are dropped in buddy pairs or small groups on different parts of the reef. Each group has its own dive flag and dives at its own pace. The boat tracks each flag and picks up the divers as they surface. We supply a divemaster for those interested in having a guide in the water with them.

Safety Sausages and Dive Computers

All divers are expected to have a safety sausage and be knowledgeable in its use. Safety sausages are very important while diving in West Palm Beach, since it is primarily drift diving. If you don’t own one, you may buy one from us on the boat.

All divers need to have a dive computer and should understand how their computer works. If you are renting gear from us, a member of our crew can advise you if you aren’t familiar with the brand.

Fishing and Lobster Season

Many Florida locals like to fish for their dinner, which is a healthy sustainable practice. To ensure safety of all our divers, spear-fishers are always dropped at a good distance away from the other divers. Lobster Season is very popular and runs from late July/early August through March. If you are hunting for fish or lobster, we ask that you show us your valid Florida fishing license. Visit for information on instant licensing.

2017 Rates

* Prices are subject to change at any time. 7% Florida sales tax is applied to all totals.

Daily Dive Trips

  • 2 Tank Dive Trip – $78
  • Bubble Watcher (non-diver) – $35
  • Prices include boat passage, weights and snacks (tanks not included).


  • If if you don’t have your own tanks you may rent ours:
  • Nitrox Tank Rental – $15 per tank
  • Air Tank Rental – $10 per tank

Specialty Trips

  • We will schedule a 3-tank day trip (on weekdays) or a 1-tank night dive upon request:
  • 3 Tank Dive Trip – $109
  • 1 Tank Night Dive – $72


  • Prices are per day. Equipment rentals are primarily for our boat guests, and need to be reserved when you reserve your trip. Call for seasonal package rates.
  • BCD Rental – $15
  • Regulator & Computer – $15
  • Mask – $7
  • Fins & Booties – $7
  • Wetsuit – $10


Please call for special rates for dive shops, or to charter the whole boat for a group event.

2017 Schedule

  • *Check-in 1 hour prior to departure time*
  • Monday – Friday: 10am departure
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8am and 1pm departures