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We have daily 2-tank SCUBA charter trips in West Palm Beach on the fast and spacious dive boat Narcosis
Daily dive trips on the fast and spacious Narcosis

We offer daily 2 Tank Dive Trips off the coast of Palm Beach. We have lots of beautiful reefs to choose from, all within 30 minutes of the marina. During our 2 Tank Dive Trip, we either do 2 reef dives, or one wreck and one reef.

2024 Schedule

  • **Check‑in 30 minutes prior to departure time**
  • Monday – Friday: 10am departure
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8am and 1pm departures
  • 2 Tank Dive Trips are about 4 to 4.5 hours long

Dive Charter Trips

A typical trip on the Narcosis has a mixture of divers of all experience levels and interests. Underwater photographers, dive students, turtle lovers, shark seekers and nudibranch fans always want to go in different directions at different speeds. We have some reef sites that are 45-60ft, while others are deeper. If you are a novice and would like to stay in more shallow depths, ask for 60ft reefs when you reserve your spot. In August or September, if you would like to see the Goliath Groupers congregate during their mating season, request to go on a wreck dive.

SCUBA Diving Certification

In order to SCUBA dive, you must first be trained. You can either take a introduction class called Discover SCUBA Diving, or you can get your certification card by taking an Open Water Diver class. Once you have your Open Water Diver certification card, you can dive with any dive charter company in the world.

We have several PADI and NAUI instructors on staff, so we can provide the Discover SCUBA Diving intro class or Open Water Certification. All of our classes are private classes - either one‑on‑one, or with a group of your friends and family. With private instruction you can schedule each part of the class at a time convenient to you. Call us at 561‑630‑0606 for more information.

Drift Diving

Dives in West Palm Beach are all Drift Dives because the Gulf Stream ensures that we almost always have current on the reefs. A drift dive is where the diver goes with the flow of the current, where no swimming is required. Divers relax and float over the reef, simply controlling their buoancy as they go. If for any reason a diver finds they are off the reef or gets separated from their group, the boat will pick up the diver at the surface, drive them back to the group and re‑drop them. This way the diver does not exert energy trying to fight a current.

Safety Sausages and Dive Computers

In order for the boat to more easily spot you on the surface to pick you up after your dive, divers need a safety sausage (aka surface maker buoy). We require every diver on our boat to have a safety sausage and be knowledgeable in its use. If you don’t own one, you may buy or rent one from us.

All divers need to have a dive computer and should understand how their computer works. If you are renting gear from us, a member of our crew can advise you if you aren’t familiar with the brand.

Prohibited Items

For the comfort and safety of all our guests, smoking/vaping is not permitted. We also cannot allow the use of aeresol spray cans (such as hair spray or spray sun lotion), as they can trigger allergies. Please do not bring any alcohol on board.

Dive Groups

Divers are dropped in small groups, each with a guide towing a dive flag buoy. The boat tracks the dive flags and picks up the divers as they surface. The guide surfaces with the last diver, with a maximum dive time of 60 minutes. It is Florida law that all divers must stay within 300ft of the dive flag (if you get separated, surface, inflate your safety sausage, and wait for the boat). Our maximum group size is 8 certified divers.

Fishing and Lobster Season

Many Florida locals like to fish for their dinner, which is a healthy sustainable practice. To ensure safety of all our divers, spearfishers are always dropped at a good distance away from the other divers. If you are spearfishing we ask that you provide a self-reliant diver certification card. Lionfish are an invasive species in Florida, so it assists the health of the ecosystem to hunt for Lionfish while diving. Lobster Season is very popular and runs from late July/early August through March. If you are hunting for fish or lobster, we ask that you show us your valid Florida fishing license. Visit for information on instant licensing.

Marina Info

For your trip, show up at the Narcosis boat at the Riviera Beach Marina Village, 200 E 13th Street, Riviera Beach, FL 33404 (see the Contact page for a map). The entrance to the marina is marked with a blue and yellow sign on the east side of A1A that says "Riviera Beach Marina Village". Parking is free at the marina for our guests. The parking lot nearest to our boat may have orange cones at the entrance, this is to reserve the area for diving customers. There is a drop-off area right next to our boat for your equipment. Our office and equipment storage is right next to the boat at the marina. Use the Google Maps app with satellite view and search for Narcosis Dive Company to see a the pin drop right at our boat within the marina.


*Prices are subject to change at any time. 7% Florida sales tax is applied to all totals.

Daily Trips

  • 2 Tank Dive Trip – $105
  • Trip price includes boat passage, weights and snacks (tanks not included).
  • Most customers buy a 2 Tank Dive Trip, plus 2 Nitrox Tank Rentals, plus tax, which comes to $150.87


  • If if you don’t have your own tanks you may rent ours:
  • Nitrox Tank Rental – $18 per tank
  • Air Tank Rental – $12.50 per tank
  • Steel Nitrox Tank Rental – $25 per tank


  • Prices are per day. Equipment rentals are primarily for our boat guests, and need to be reserved when you book your trip.
  • Full Equipment (no wetsuit) – $30
  • Individual Items:
  • BCD Rental – $15
  • Regulator & Computer – $15
  • Mask, Fins & Booties – $15
  • Safety Sausage – $5
  • Wetsuit – $16


  • Class prices include private instruction, equipment rental and boat fare.
  • Discover SCUBA Diving (boat)– $300
  • Discover SCUBA Diving (Blue Heron Bridge) – $250
  • Private Open Water Diver Certification – $900 plus PADI eLearning*
  • *PADI eLearning is used for the academic portion, and the price is set by PADI.