Dive Log

Time: 10am

  • Air Temp: 80 °F
  • Skies: sunny
  • Waves: 0 ft.
  • Seas: calm swells

Dive 1: Corridor Wrecks

  • Water Temp: 82 °F
  • Visibility: 30-40 ft.
  • Current: slight N

Dive 2: Larson’s Valley

  • Water Temp: 82 °F
  • Visibility: 40 ft.
  • Current: slight N
West Palm Beach scuba diving conditions on November 12, 2019 Goliath Grouper, Reef Shark, small Hawksbill Sea Turtle, school of Snook inside the Corridor Wrecks! What a dive! Large Lion fish, big Green Moray, lots of schooling Grunts, huge Lobster on Larson’s Valley!


This is the dive conditions report from the Narcosis in West Palm Beach, Florida. We don't post every dive here, so feel free to email us if you want the details on any recent trip. Also, you can follow @narcosisdive on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter for photos and condition updates.